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  • whiterock bathroom walls
    Bathroom Walls with style
    The work you have undertaken has been to a very high standard...” Deanway Builders
  • White rock wall cladding for a bathroom
    Wall Cladding for Bathrooms
    They have undertaken the work in a very professional manner liaising well with on-site staff.
  • Wall Cladding for Showers
    Waterproof wall cladding for showers
    We look forward to working with Chibnall Contractors on future projects.
  • Keep walls clean easily
    Easy to maintain Clean Walls
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     Royal Surrey County Hospital
  • Hygenic Wall Cladding
    Seamless Wall Cladding
    As always the service was excellent.
  • Kitchen Wall Cladding
    Kitchen Wall Cladding
    I find them Efficient, Flexible, & Easy to work with.
  • Wall cladding is hygenic
    Waterproof Shower Walls
    ...never had a recall!
  • Colourful Bedroom Walls
    Stylish Bedrooms
    I would not hesitate in using them again.

Hygienic Wall Cladding Installation

Chibnall Contractors staff have a high level of skill and expertise and are committed to providing an excellent service. Installation staff are trained in house and our work is regularly evaluated to ensure we maintain our high standards.

Chibnall Contractors will assist clients with:

  • Product selection
  • Site conditions, surface preparation, and installation
  • Quotations
  • Liaison with manufacturer's to resolve technical difficulties
  • Completing the project to quotation and time frame

Chibnall Contractors installation of hygienic wall cladding products will ensure that:

  • Installation is undertaken by qualified, trained and experienced staff using approved and appropriate methods
  • Personnel are trained and where necessary certified to carry out their duties and are equipped with the required personal protection equipment and safe and serviced tools and equipment
  • Personnel work in a courteous, tidy, efficient and professional manner, co-operating with the site managers and other trades
  • All projects are completed to the clients satisfaction and are fully compliant with manufacturer’s specifications

All personnel observe current legislation and
best practice including:

  • Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007
  • Construction Skills Certification
  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental Requirements prescribed by site operators

See what our clients say about us on our testimonials pages.

For any Wall Cladding or any of our related services please do not hesitate to contact us.

Chibnall Contractors are suppliers of Trovex® hygenic wall cladding. Trovex® Diamond and Tovex® Activ:ion

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